The Basque Center project is co-sponsored by Creative Europe.

The project aims to create a permanent Basque Exhibition in the Centre celebrating the common cultural heritage between the two small nations of Basques and Icelanders. It will weave culture with research related activities and workshops, based on the common cultural heritage, commemorating the history of Iceland and the seafarers from the Basque country. Activities which link sustainability of the oceans with small remote fishing communities will also be undertaken throughout the project.

Project Partnership

The partners in this project are four very well-known identities in the Basque cultural and related research sectors in Iceland, Spain and France. All partners are first-class in their respective areas of expertise and the participating staff from the partnering organizations all have multiple years of experience in designing and implementing new and innovative cultural outputs, training and education, and managing national and international cooperative projects and cultural research.


Associated Partners

In addition to the project partnership, there are four several Associated Partners who will not only support the implementation of different project activities using their expertise in development and creation of cultural services, innovation and education, but help to ensure the foundations for the project are in place (housing and equipment) and that the outputs will be accessible to the target groups and audiences after the project ends. The Associated partners will moreover help guarantee the sustainability of project outputs.

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