Exhibition opening information

The Basque Centre exhibition will be opened 7 June 2024, as part of a 32 months project co-funded by Creative Europe. There will be activities in the opening week shared in News, and our social media updates here on Facebook

The exhibition will take place in one of the factory's tanks, and the special nature of the exhibition space gives great potential for interesting visual presentation. The exhibition will be in the top tank, while the other two tanks and the factory will continue to be used for occasional art events.

The history of both nations up to modern times will be traced with the main focus on common interfaces, e.g. struggle for independence, the focus of both nations on the protection of their mother tongue, and not least the position of two small nations among the great nations of Europe.

The idea of the exhibition is to juxtapose these two nations together, to find common ground in their history and conditions from the eighth century to the present day by focusing on Basque cultural heritage in Iceland, Spain and France.

The exhibition is a transnational cultural cooperation activities and workshops in modern art, music and boatbuilding techniques. The art and music instruments will focus attention specifically on using maritime waste to create art and instruments through workshops thus bringing attention to the importance of proper maritime waste management (plastics in particular) and using waste to make sustainable solutions and art.

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